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I’m Ready for God!!!!

Today, even in the sadness that I feel, I have joy. Joy that’s unspeakable. In the midst of the hurt and struggles I can look forward and see hope. God has opened me up, and I’m so greatful because He has allowed me to feel and be free. When I was once closed and bound, I can now say I have let go and I can feel the light. Right now, this very moment all I can feel is sadness and pain, but right now at this moment I can also laugh and love. Why would a God so perfect and big look down on someone who is so imperfect and small and remember me in my anguish? Yet I am being made perfect in Him day by day. Why does He choose to comfort me in my time of sorrow, but than replace that with pure joy and laughter in my heart?
For so long I have been so closed up, shut out from the world. And now, through the experience that God has given me, He has allowed me to open up, to see new possibilties and explore outside of my own walls and boundaries that I locked myself into a long time ago. I can now say that I am beginning to see ME! Who I am, what I stand for, the kind of woman I am, the kind of woman I want to be, and the kind of woman God wants me to be. I can see my future and the kind of wife I will be and maybe even the type of mother I will be. I can now see ME! No one can really understand this feeling unless they have actually tasted the goodness of God’s grace and experienced the joy and blessings of the things that were once chaotic and is now at the beginning of rest. True rest in Christ. Why am I saying this? Because there is no other joy in the world that is felt deeply until you’ve actually felt it in the midst of that deep sadness and heartache. That’s the joy that only God can give. That part of you that can be filled with redemption for what you’ve lost or felt. And for me God is beginning to redeem that part of me that was lost. He is filling me with something more than just mere existence. He’s going to give me more, and expand my capacity to do whatever He has called me to do and more. He is preparing my heart for greater things, lovely things. I am ready. For the first time in a long time….I can say that I am ready! Ready for new possibilities, ready for the opportunities, ready for the breakthrough, ready for the rest that I’ve been searching for, ready for the new things, new beginnings, ready to take on a world that was not ready for me, ready for change. If God has asked it of me than I will follow through. I’m ready for a new life, independance for myself and total reliance on God. I’m ready!
My dear Father God, my King and the High Priest of my confession, I Praise You and I adore You for the things You are doing and for the favor that You have bestowed upon me, and for all the mighty works that You have planned and laid out for my life….I am ready to receive the great things, the big things, the kingdom things. I am ready to take on that honor and I am ready to set my mind on the things above and not beneath. Strengthen me, mold me, shape and transform me to what You originally created me to be. Amen!!!


The Things Above and Not Beneath

A journey into the heart and mind of one person…..Live today and know who you are, because tomorrow is not promised one single breath. Set your mind on the things above and not beneath….rely on God, trust in His Son and love the life that you have been given.

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