Regrets!!! (For the young)

Has anyone ever had any regrets in life?

I know that there are many people who say “Live your life without any regrets, the mistakes you make learn from them. But have no regrets.”

Those are good words right there. I believe, in life, that we should not have any regrets. It may be a cliche to say that but there’s truth to that very statement. “No Regrets!”

But what about when you do?

Life is not always perfect, it usually comes with some hard times. I know this, believe me.

I’m saying this because, I, the imperfect creature that I am, have some regrets in life. I can name some but there is one thing that I regret the most and the one thing that I would like to focus on all the more.

My regrets:

I regret not living up to the standards God would have me to live. Even though it’s most likely impossible to achieve that standard, I regret giving up all to easily instead of pushing through just a little bit harder.

I regret treating my parents the way I did when I was younger, taking advantage of them and only thinking about myself. Even though seeing those things in my life and changing them, with the Lord’s help of course, it made me into a better woman and quite possibly, a better daughter. I’ve grown from that, but what I didn’t realize was the stress that would still drag along from all those years that is still affecting the people I love today.

I regret not taking God at His word when certain situations would come up and I wanted to do things on my own ability. I failed miserably without God.

The one thing I truly regret is not putting my all in highschool when I know I could have been that A+ student. I was capable of getting a scholarship to any college I would have applied to. Instead, I did my least when I should have done my best. I was hardly at school, always home doing my own thing. I didn’t put the effort I know I could have put in. I was super smart, but I didn’t give myself the chance. I gave up way to soon. Though I graduated from highschool, I barely made it. Now I’m in college at 27 years old. I started late, but now I have a purpose. I see that I am an A student and I’m probably one of the top Math students in my class, involved in the Math club at the college and one of the many top students in our Opticianry class. My work and study habits are exceptional and I push for nothing but the best out of myself. I see all these great traits in me now and I can’t help but be a little disappointed in myself. If I could have put this much effort back in highschool than college would have been over for me a long time ago, I could have been that doctor I wanted to become and my life would have been starting. Though I don’t regret all of it. That time of my life only made me realize how much more of God I needed. And all of that brought me to where I am now. I should not dwell on the past, because the future is only ahead. But if I can maybe, even the slightest bit encourage the young teenagers of this generation with these small regrets, than maybe…just maybe…they can take themselves seriously and learn from me.

For the teenagers:

Read that book that you don’t want to read because your friends might think you’re not cool.

Put some time aside just for studying on the weekends, if only to refresh your memory of what you learned during the week.

Get that extra help after school if you don’t understand something.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Be yourself, instead of trying to be with the “in” crowd.

Take time and think about your life, your future, and how you treat your family. Odds are…if you don’t notice, someone else will and put you in your place. Drop the attitude…believe me…if you can nip it in the butt now, you will save yourself a long time of regrets.

Learn more of God…you are not guaranteed your next breath. Just because you are young it doesn’t mean you’re invincible. I’ve known or heard of too many young kids slip into eternity, just like that. And not many of them that knew Christ.

The one thing that I DO NOT regret is staying pure for God. Even at 27 years old, I am single and have never been married. I have never known a man in any sexual way…just staying pure for that one that God is preparing for me. Believe me, if I can do it, even though I was an outgoing, outspoken teenager, you can do it. There are too many young kids having babies and they can’t even support themselves. Purity is a sacred thing and the most beautiful gift you can ever give to your husband or wife. God loves a pure heart. Trust me…you will not regret it!!!


6 responses to “Regrets!!! (For the young)

  • amy

    Wow…awesome testimony Dr. Maldonado…

  • sylvia c

    Hey Starsha! Great testimony. You know being without Christ in your heart can really have damaging results. Even when you turn your back to him and double the harder to go back. Why, idk. Tooo many that don’t know Christ is hard to live with hope and with the purpose that God had sent us to live. They are blind folded and have sooooooo many mistakes. In which especially many young children have kids. When they young themselves. But really is more of the parents fault. Where are they?? Why aren’t they doing something to prevent this?? Maybe because they don’t have Christ in their hearts, which is very sad.

    • Bornagainandfree

      Hey Syl, You know me, I have to call it as it is, lol, and if my testimony can encourage other young people to be able to press through no matter what the circumstances than Christ has accomplished something great through me. I’m His vessel and a walking testimony to be used. And ultimately, that’s what I really want, to be used by Him in anyway that He would like and not by my own works, but just allowing Him to be in control of my life’s testimony. God can use anyone in any way, even me, which I am nothing compared to Him. I’m just happy to be used. As far as those who don’t know Christ I can only believe what God says in His Word, that His word will NOT come back void. So these words are just seed and I pray that it will be planted in the hearts and lives of teens and the younger generation and God will water it so that, maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday it will grow and they in turn will be a walking testimony living in pureness and walking in holiness before Him and for those who are single to just wait on Him with everything that they have and hold out for what precious future He has for them. Thanks again Syl for reading, Luv ya girl. God Bless.

  • btold

    Regrets is something that we have to learn to live with I have a testimony that the things I’ve done and regret did’nt put anyone in the grave INCLUDING MYSELF. Oh boy the do overs I wish I could do like a ps3 game just start over again with a new life line. I guess in real life that life line would be in Christ Jesus. I thank God for repentance. He never brings it back up but you know I just can’t help but to. LoL! Life!

    • Bornagainandfree

      So true. LOL! I like the analogy with the ps3 game. Perfect way to bring it out…lol. You’re absolutely right in that what we have done didn’t harm anyone or us in anyway…for myself, maybe just ego. But it didn’t kill me, but only made me stronger and who I am today. Amen on that “lifeline”, He truly gave it all so that we can have that lifeline, and even though through repentance He blots out everything we’ve done as far as the east is from the west I still end up remembering certain things that should have been forgotten. Thank God for Jesus! Lol. Thank you for your testimony!

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