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Where did it go?

Have you ever looked at your surroundings close enough to wonder, just for a second where time went?

Don’t tell me you’ve never sat down and looked at your kids, younger or older siblings, or cousins, or family and friends and wondered…how did we all get here? My, my…how they’ve grown…how WE’VE grown.

I remember sitting down one day and staring at my, than, 12-year-old brother and looking intently at him that it scared him because I was so amazed at how he was just growing up so fast. We are 10 years apart, so you can imagine a 22-year-old looking at a 12-year-old gaunt little boy. And my sister, who was 10 years old than, was this little prima donna exploring the things she could get away with for being the youngest and daddy’s little girl.

Now this 12-year-old boy is no longer 12 but he’s 17 years old and this 10-year-old prima donna is no longer 10 but 15, I am no longer 22 but 27. Oh, the time, where has it gone? He’s no longer gaunt and lanky, but is now able-bodied and athletic. When he was 12 and she was 10 I didn’t have to worry because they were always in the house, my mom too strict for their own good.

What I see now is a soon to be 18-year-old and a just turning 15-year-old growing up too fast, too soon, out and about, no longer keeping to themselves in the house but going out into the world, parties, sleep-overs and teens! And I am just a spectator watching their lives as if it was my own. Worrying about them more than I ever had to.

Time…where has it gone?

I grew up in New Jersey, it was only four of us back than. My mom, dad, my older brother and myself.

I played outside with my older brother and friends til the street lights came on,

sat outside with dad as he would fix his cars. Oh, how I wanted to be underneath the car with him, getting dirty and always asking, “Daddy, daddy can I help?” The one thing he would say, “No, you can’t help, you’ll get dirty, this is a man’s job and you’re a girl. Now go play with your brother.”

I would ride my bike with the landlord’s daughter and my brother would ride on his roller blades or skateboard, and we would ride all day pretending that our bikes were motorcycles, and boy did we have the best in the neighborhood.

We had no cell phones, no texting and when it was a school day we would be at the table doing our homework where our parents could see us. Most of the time my head would be in the books… how I loved to read.

Those were the days of no responsibility, no worries to be had except our homework and chores.

Today, we are too busy for our own good and stressed til we are weak. These days parents don’t have time to spend with their children or be involved in their school work with them.

Kids have cell phones and texting to communicate instead of good one on one conversations…face to face.

The innocence of the world that I once knew is no longer the innocence of this age.

What happened?

Life, busyness, TECHNOLOGY!

There is now six of us, including my parents, and new additions to the family: a sister-in-law, two nephews and a niece. 


Now we have to worry about the time the kids come home because the streets are not safe as it once was. Babies having babies are most common and teenagers being disrespectful to the elderly is becoming the norm.

Life as we know it is changing with time.

But a few things that does not change….ever….



If we can ever so grasp that, and learn to live as God would have us live, than we will love all the more, laugh all the more and appreciate TIME a little more for our sakes and the coming generations.


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