Walking in Singleness of Heart

Photo taken by Tiffany Lara-Maldonado "Crystal Image Photo Art" (typh22.wordpress.com)

Being a single woman living for God has come somewhat of a challenge. But I do have thoughts on the single life…some good, some bad, and some in between. I like the in between stages because in these stages I feel as though I can represent myself in a way that’s not for one side or the other. In this way I can be open and write exactly what is in my heart…all the good and, yes…even the unfortunate things of being single…or more so a Lady in Waiting! Enjoy the stories…the laughs…the joy…and the sighs of the single life!!!

I have added a new category called “A Lady in Waiting”, which I will share my struggles, my triumphs, my thoughts, and yes…some good laughs on being single!!!



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